Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Outrage? Why? They're Just Showing Their True Colors

This is the flag that shall wave over the White House on September 20th.

If you don't recognize it, it is the flag of the People's Republic of China. You will note its color is red, which represents Communism. Communism and its offshoots are the exact opposite of Capitalism and the Free Market System. Simple politics; even a child of ten knows this.

The thought that this flag should fly over the White House is an outrage to some, but not to me. It is only right and fitting for a corporation to fly the flag of the country that owns it, and the United States federal government is no exception to that rule.

And why not? With the espousal by the administration of Communist views and policies, and the appointment of Communists to high offices, how shocking can our President's assent and concurrence to the flying of the Chinese flag be? Not to mention the fact that China owns a large portion of our debt, and their policy concerning the handling of that debt can either make or break the back of our economy.

China is among the hefty progenitors and employers of the White House's strongest held political ideology, which espouses the policies of totalitarianism, especially in the control of its population's growth, exposure, education, entertainment, politics, and nutrition; how can the Leader of the Free World reject a request from his political soul-mates to fly their Statist regime's flag?

I have no connection nor allegiance the White House, nor its occupants, nor its grounds; neither have I any to the the city which surrounds it, nor to its citizens, nor legislators.

I declare that the men occupying the houses of government in the District of Columbia do not represent my views or opinions, and are, in fact, illegitimately occupying said territory. They have all defied their oaths, and, indeed, hijacked the seats of government they hold. They are not held to the Constitution or any other law, by de facto, and have no legitimate claim to American government.

Nothing these hellions do can surprise me. They prove their intentions at every turn, showing themselves to be the oppressive tyrants we know they are. Flying this flag is just one more way they have shown their true colors. Why not openly declare their illegitimacy?

Go ahead, D.C., fly your flag. Make my day.


Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Great post.

AdamS said...

Maybe they're just trying to cause outrage. Events like this give me the impression they want to stir up violence, or outrage that can easily be marginalised in a propaganda coup; take the outrage over Obama's school speech for instance. That seems to have benefited Obama a lot, since it gave the impression that his detractors are a reactionary and irrational minority.

Though, I'm sure you've heard the UN today - soon we'll all live happily ever after in the World Peoples' Republic, trying to earn enough SDRs to bribe the local World Army station so they won't come in the night to harvest our organs :P

Son3 said...

Thank you for the comments, gentlemen.

Liberty said...

Linky (Ain't I so original?!)

^ I did a post on this, if you're interested. ;) In my research, I found that some of the allegations being posed in this issue were...a bit farfetched.

For instance, the flag will not be flown from the House but from a park across the street, where ceremonies such as this are quite often held. Besides that, there are precedents set for the flying of a foreign flag from the White House- it is done quite often on state visits. In fact, they have an entire warehouse full of flags for this event!

I posted some more information in the link above. ;)

WildWeazel said...

I assume you picked this up from Chuck Baldwin's column. I'm disappointed that he would write about a story that was reported only by the Chinese propaganda machine. The White House has since clarified that the flag will be flown over the Ellipse, which is a fairly common occurrence.
Not that it excuses the administration for commemorating a violent revolution responsible for the death and oppression of untold millions.

CarolineNot said...

It's all pretty swarthy, considering a lying, communist regime is being afforded American soil to display their flag in celebration of the inception of their evil empire. They can't even tell the truth about which inches or feet of ground will host it.

When we're consigned to trying to determine who's lying and who's not, and all parties have a record of lies, deceit, bait-and-switch, and cover-ups, finding the truth is difficult.

Good article. I don't want their flag on my property. Who owns the Ellipse? Wherever that banner will wave in this land, your thoughts about this birthday party (or any other like it) on American soil seem valid.

II Corinthians 6:14-18

Son3 said...

Thanks for the... "linky", Liberty.

8-& (Face of Utter Disgust)

Not quite, Weazel Man. :) I saw that Chuck wrote something about it, but I didn't read it, as I was putting my thought together on it and didn't want to be influenced by it.

FOX and others reported it the same way, so I wouldn't be too hard on anyone.

I might read it now, though.

Amen to that, Mom!

R said...

"The thought that this flag should fly over the White House is an outrage to some, but not to me. It is only right and fitting for a corporation to fly the flag of the country that owns it, and the United States federal government is no exception to that rule."

That says it for me man.

Son3 said...

Thank you, R! Good to see you back!

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

I'm with R!

Son3 said...


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