Tuesday, September 29, 2009

American Police Force: Montana Town to be Patrolled by Mercs?

According to local news, the town of Hardin, Montana, has been lacking prisoners for their contractor-built prison for two years; a fitting scenario for Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife of Mayberry, North Carolina, but not good enough for Two Rivers Authority, the contractor who built the jail. They have now signed with "American Police Force", a supposed mercenary company with "years of experience" in military and investigative fields, to patrol the streets of Hardin and fill their jail; in fact, the company claims the United States to be their number one client.

This has caused great concern with many, as who wants a mercenary group enforcing local laws?

In the news article above, however, there are some issues concerning the validity of the group. The company claims "years of experience" in their field, though their spokesman allegedly said the organization was incorporated in February of this year. The address of their supposed headquarters in Washington D.C. has no apparent connection with the group.

The vice-president of Two Rivers Authority says he doesn't see any cause for alarm in these inconsistencies, claiming to have personally spoken to the representatives of APF; the company is expected to be in Hardin next week to open 250 positions within the company. Fortunately, most of these postitions will be locally held.

An independent investigation on my part was hindered due to the company's websites "not existing", and the references to the company were few; perhaps a coinicidence, but who can know?

It is the consideration of all this evidence which leads to my opinion that the city of Hardin is probably being defrauded, and evil may befall the hapless citizens who will be put under the thumb of this unknown mercenary company.

Time will tell.

UPDATE: The American Police Force website is back up in part. After a brief inspection, I have determined that many of the images doctored to falsely show off their military might:
(Note the police badge on the red shield is blocked, as well as the word "POLICE" on the tag.)

(Note computer-generated image of helicopter.)

(The Serbian Coat of Arms is also prominently superimposed on many images on the website as their emblem.)

(This image is nothing more than a poorly modified version of the Russian Empire's Coat of Arms; note where the globe has been "cloned" out of the eagle's right talon.)

This is looking more and more to be a fraudulent company, which proudly declares to be able to form a "special forces battalion within 72 hours", yet also claims to "NOT" be a mercenary army.


Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Huh boy. We can't fill the jail, let's go find some criminals using this nonexistent security company...*rolls eyes*. The incomprehensible mind of the left...sheesh.

Son3 said...

I only feel sorry for the poor souls living in Hardin, as their tax money has apparently been sent to a fraudulent company; and if someone does show up, it will probably be to take more money, and possibly lives.

Dangerous business going on.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

What'll they think of next??

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