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National Guard: Internment and Resettlement of Civilians?

You know those crazy "FEMA Camper" conspiracy theorists? The ones Glenn Beck debunked by showing a video of a train station that somebody thought was a prison? (Uh... case closed.)

The National Guard must be full of such people; why else would our National Guard be advertising for this as a specialist occupation in the Guard?

(There is an automatically playing video in that link that describes the duties of this position, and includes their motto, "Of the troops, for the troops." I thought it was, "Of the people, by the people, for the people.")



Internment / Resettlement Specialists in the Army are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility. Internment / Resettlement Specialists provide rehabilitative, health, welfare, and security to US military prisoners within a confinement or correctional facility; provide custody, control, supervision and security to internees within a detention/internment facility; conduct inspections; prepare written reports; coordinate activities of prisoners/internees and staff personnel.

Some of your duties as an Internment / Resettlement Specialist may include:

  • Assisting with supervision and management of confinement and detention operations
  • Providing internal or external security to confinement/corrections facilities or detention/internment facilities
  • Providing custody, control, supervision and escort to all security levels of U.S. military prisoners or internees/detainees
  • Counseling and guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program
  • Preparing or reviewing reports and records of prisoners/internees and programs


Job training for a Internment / Resettlement Specialist requires 19 weeks, one day of One Station Unit Training (OSUT) which includes Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training. Part of the training is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Some of the skills you'll learn about:

  • Military laws and jurisdictions
  • Level of Force Procedures
  • Unarmed Self-Defense Techniques
  • Police Deviance and Ethics Procedures
  • Interpersonal Communications Skills
  • Close confinement operations
  • Search and restraint procedures
  • Use of firearms
  • Custody and control procedures


Helpful attributes include:

  • An ability to think and react quickly
  • An ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • An interest in law enforcement and crime prevention


Advanced level Internment / Resettlement Specialist supervise and train other Soldiers within the same discipline. As an advanced level Internment / Resettlement Specialist, you may be:

  • Responsible for all personnel working in the confinement/correctional facility, including security, logistical, and administrative management of the prisoner/internee population
  • Supervising and establishing all administrative, logistical and food support operations, confinement/correctional, custodial, treatment, and rehabilitative activities
  • Conducting stand-alone operations, providing command and control, staff planning, administration and logistical services, and custody/control for the operation of an Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee (EPW/CI) camp (emphasis mine), detainee internment facility
  • Conducting stand-alone operations, providing command and control, staff planning, administration and logistical services, and custody/control for the operation of a displaced civilian (DC) resettlement facility

Civilian Related

The skills you'll learn as a Internment / Resettlement Specialist will help prepare you for a future with federal, state, county or city law enforcement agencies. You might also be able to pursue a career as a security guard with industrial firms, airports or other businesses and institutions."

You crazy conspiracy theorists...


AdamS said...

It seems quite clear to me. There are so many paranoid people who think military camps are being built to hold citizens. So in order to help these people with their paranoia we need some kind of military camp network to look after them until they are cured of their paranoia.

Of course, some might not make it, but we can't save everyone now, can we?

Son3 said...

Yes, we need to help them with drugs and shock therapy!

Seriously, though, I think I might throw up the next time I hear someone call me a "conspiracy theorist" for having the ability to read sentences longer than, "Tim has a ball. Tim has a round ball."

"Football is important. We should know all the stats about football."

"Britany Spears is important. We should know all the latest news on Britany Spears."

"Your government loves you. Anyone who says otherwise is a crazy terrorist."

"Bad, terrorist! Bad!"

Bryan said...

My dad's best friend's family moved to this country in 1875. Our's in 1890. When WW2 started my Dad joined the Navy. His friend... got to go to camp with the rest of his family. He was Japanese... we were German. Forced relocation is not distant history. Living people today were there. The guy occupying the people's house has flat out said he will have a civilian force that rivals the military. I don't believe these are conspiracies. These are facts. We are faced with a domestic enemy that grows stronger every day. Keep your faith strong and your sword sharp.

Son3 said...

And Michelle "I'm a conservative woman!" Malkin defends that action.

There are many Neo-Conservatives that we must denounce if we are to rebuild.

Set yourself right with God, my friends, as He is our first and our final appeal.

Bryan said...

The word Neo and it's use always puzzles me. The meaning concerning ideas is basically A fresh new one or a revival of an old one. As such the present day republican party (socialist light) needs to be either abandoned for a neo conservative party or need to embrace a new direction by embracing the original direction. I think I'm confusing myself. But I do know what you mean.

Bryan said...

I left out... yes the 'neo-conservatives' of today are not constituionalists and they hinder our cause.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Keep your guns primed and ready y'all!

Son3 said...

Bryan, I think the generally accepted definition is that the "neo" of neo-conservative is about the new things they're conserving, or not conserving; definitely not something you want to be.

"Paleoconservative" is a term that's picking up steam for people like you and me.

Johann, water, guns, and WD-40 will be invaluable for the next several years; water to drink, guns to shoot, and WD-40 to keep the former off of the latter.

Thanks for the comments, gentlemen!

Son3 said...

My apologies to Nickie Goomba, but I'm not allowed to post any profanity; I value your comments, so I cleaned it up a little (my words in bold):

Nickie Goomba said,

"I'm taking a liking to the Paleoconservative tag.

This whole internment issue stinks of a larger and even more more odious government plan. Somebody left the dang door open, and this cast of knuckleheads flooded in and plan to do their worst while they can."

Absolutely, Mr. Goomba, it didn't start with this administration, and I doubt it will end here.

I don't think you or anyone is a conspiracy theorist for reporting what the government itself says, and that is that the National Guard is planning to be putting people in internment camps.

No theory involved there.

And WE'RE the crazy ones?

Thanks for your comment!

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