Sunday, August 02, 2009

Knucklehead Recognition Award: John McCain

"WASHINGTON – Sen. John McCain says he is still on the fence when it comes to voting for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor." ~AP

My sincere apologies are extended to all of the other senators, Republican and Democrat, who voted for Sotomayor, but McCain stood out in the news for this event.

John McCain has a very important decision to make, vote for a racist woman who claims to be a "Puerto Rican Latina", regardless of the fact that she was born in New Jersey, or cling to his oath of office and the Constitution, and say "no" to Socialism. What a choice.

Sotomayor admitted that she didn't do as well at school as some of the other students at her college, but got ahead anyway because of affirmative action. She claims the Second Amendment isn't an individual right. She also ruled in favor of racism, denying non-minority firefighters their hard won promotions.

This award isn't going to her, though, because the only thing you can expect from a racist is more racism; this goes to McCain because he is going above and beyond what he pretends to believe in (equal justice, the Constitution, etc.).

Because he sees past ideology, and reaches for compromise; because he looks beyond the Constitution, and grabs for political correctness; because he shuns his oath of office, and seeks his next election, I bestow this Knucklehead Recognition Award upon him.

John McCain, in recognition of showing of showing yourself for what you are, that being a politically correct leftist, I pronounce you "knucklehead".

UPDATE: McCain has, at last, voted
against Sotomayor, even though he said she was "...immensely qualified."


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

This was quite funny, enough to want to laugh, only it is so true....


AdamS said...

La Raza! :P

This is are land...

Son3 said...

Themk youm form the commenmet, Spemncer! (Aren't I merciless?) :D

AdamS, she may as well be La Raza!

La Reconquista y Sotomayor es muy malo!

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Well done, Sir.

Son3 said...

Danke, Johann!

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