Friday, August 21, 2009

Curfews: The Tyranny of Twilight

"Seeking to curb violence after a spate of deadly summer shootings, Paterson officials are considering an unusual ordinance that would prevent people of all ages from gathering outside in public late at night. The measure could be the nation’s first citywide, non-emergency curfew to include adults, several experts said.

'We’re trying to think outside the box,' said Mayor Jose Torres. 'This was triggered predominantly by fear among city residents over the shootings that have been occurring this summer.'” ~Huffington Post

Possibly the most skulking kind of tyranny, the power to regulate the hours when a man may step outside his home is eerie and indicative of a greatly perverted government. This power of curfew is accepted in many towns and cities for children, as the lack of parents in this country leads to a "problem-reaction-solution" of government intervention. I remind our governments - local and otherwise - that it is not their duty to parent our children, nor their power to parent us.

The problem in Paterson, New Jersey, seems to be the rash of gang-related shootings, but New Jersey has some of the most ridiculous gun laws in this Union of States; how can there be so many shootings in such a "safe" society?

And now, these residents are possibly facing the "tyranny of twilight", as anyone found assembling with others outside at night will be punished, should this proposal go through. This is in blatant violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution, which states Americans have the right to peaceably assemble. These are trying times, indeed.

"Those who suppress freedom always do so in the name of law and order."
~John V. Lindsay


AdamS said...

I like how they're thinking outside the box. Cutesy, no? Only, if you are subject to their experimental whims, you are put inside a box - by force.

Alle Juden aus die Strassen vor sieben Uhr! Verletzter werde in die Duschen sandtet!

Or at least I think that last part will be OK - my limited knowledge of German doesn't cover "Violators will be sent into the showers"!

God,Guns,Free Speech said...

Ill bet if you arm the law abiding citizens you will see the shootings drop off. In Florida when they had many carjackings, they let the citizens arm themselves and the carjacking dropped to almost none over night.I find it reprehensible to have states allow you to carry a gun when it is your God given right under our Constitution

Son3 said...

AdamS, mitte lager-beerden und der sauerkraut. Der filieten der cheesencrackers mein huten, und flortesecter hund! Gesundheit, bitte lager-beerden gesundheit! Everyzing ist gesundheit!

:) Thanks for the comment!

GGFS, how can you be so... Constitutional?

Don't you know Our Beloved Leader shall overthrow the evil document that is the Constitution, and we shall all work together in harmony? Viva Che!


Thanks for the comment! (Y'all come back, now! Ya hear?)

Rebecca said...

Oh goody! So now the government gets to tell me when to go to bed! Hmmmmm
This is strange. :D

Son3 said...

Strange, yes, but expected these days.

What next, non-citizen Presidents?

Son3 said...

Ooh, sorry, Rebecca! I had to stop your last comment, as it violates the comments rules. (No condoning of violence.)

Don't worry, your comments are worthy of editing! (My edits in bold)

"If that happens, I may end up condoning stuff that's not very nice. Ok . . . maybe not.
Maybe I'll build myself an island and live happliy ever after by myself. You are welcome to live on my island, but you must come legally or you have to swim back home!. :D" ~Rebecca

Cool! Is it like a micronation?

What is the name of your island? Is it uncharted? Is it more than a three-hour tour away?

Does it have Gilligan?

The skipper, too?

The Millionaire (and his wife)?

The movie star??

The professor and Marianne???


Rebecca said...

That's ok, I wasn't thinking when I said that. :)

I think Gilligan moved to a different island. I don't know who or what the skipper, the Millionaire, the movie star, or the professor and Marianne are.

GIANTS FAN said...

This is a very interesting blog that you have here. It's important that their are blogs out there who hold a very strong opinion towards certain issues.

I have a site myself where anyone can freely express their opinion towards controversial issues. I'm telling you this because I believe that you can provide others with some valuable insight towards some issues.

Keep up the good work, and maybe we can do a link exchange.


Son3 said...

Rebecca, I know you didn't mean it, but I didn't want to risk you getting any uninvited visitors in black limos at 3 am. Then you'd wish you'd stayed on your island! :D

GIANTS FAN, thanks!

I'm a Chiefs fan, personally, but I won't hold that against you.

BTW, there's nothing wrong with a shameless plug now and then, so you're welcome to come on back and comment anytime!

CarolineNot said...

Rebecca, please furnish map to Island.

Will bring brownies.
Potato chips.
Knitting needles and lots of yarn.

One small dog.
One fat cat.

Microwave-convection oven.

Thank you and Amen.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...


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