Friday, July 03, 2009

What has it All Wrought?

Sanctimonious speeches about sacrificing for freedom fill our ears to the point of madness, mostly from those not willing to sacrifice. They speak many flowery words about freedom and liberty, throwing the words about like the "sunshine patriots" we know they are. They tell us to support our troops in their wretched wars, because they're "fighting for our freedom"; how can they fight for our freedom three-thousand miles from the very place most vulnerable to attack?

Could it be that the "freedom" our nation's finest soldiers are fighting for is the freedom of despots to gain more and more tyrannical power in the name of security here and abroad? There is indeed honor in fighting wars for the maintenance of national sovereignty, but why must they say it is for our freedom? I would suggest there have been hardly four wars truly fought over freedom in this land.

The ever-flowing orations of "love of country" and "freedom" are coming from men who couldn't continue speaking should their paper flutter away in the wind, or their teleprompter shut down, because they themselves don't know what the next line is going to be, as they didn't even write the claptrap they're reading.

And in the course of these speeches, they often dare to utter the names of the selfless men, not to mention the merciful God, that constructed the government offices that they are now corrupting and expanding a thousandfold.

They often -- but not too boldly, lest they offend -- invoke the name of God, but of which god do they ask guidance? Is it of their god of graft, corruption, greed? Or perhaps that of immorality, adultery, and debauchery?

I feel as though God's people, those of strong moral character, are playing the part of Abraham, begging mercy for the "Sodom" of the Senate and the "Gomorrah" of the House of Representatives. We ask God to let us remain alive and free in this land, and not to let us fall altogether, if there be but ten good men in those places.

These wicked men maintain the monuments and memorials to the leaders of the past, keeping the anniversaries, laying the meaningless wreaths, naming parks in their honor, in which one may scarcely enjoy a single freedom for which its namesake fought so valiantly; and placing our country's founders' likenesses on the worthless paper the despots arrogantly call "currency", inscribing below them the men's names, lest we forget them, and above them the words "Federal Reserve", though those very men tried to warn us of the danger of such a beast.

These "civil servants" are quick to claim every whisper of power from the Constitution they swore to uphold, that and more; but how they shriek with terror at the thought of the people holding onto anything more than "privileges" that may be regulated at a whim!

They play games with our minds, pitting "(R)'s" against "(D)'s", when, in truth, there is no difference between them. They claim we have fair elections, but we may only choose the (R) or (D) that they throw at us, like a bone to a dying dog.

They tell us to remember this founder, or this thinker, or this philosopher, reminding us to never give up just because they are taking our very livelihoods from us, rather keep going, never grumbling, like good soldiers.

The sacrifice and words of the legislators and soldiers of our Revolution have brought us many, undeserved years of happiness, but what has it all wrought? Perpetual freedom is unachievable without God, knowledge, might, and vigilance. And we, as a nation, have none of these today.

What do we celebrate on Independence Day? I think we celebrate something that sadly died many, many years ago, but will probably return many, many years from now in a somewhat different form.

How interesting it was, learning about my country, my government, and the individuals who built it, directly or indirectly. What shameless patriotism I felt coming away from that; coming away from all the words that I would only later fully understand, and the historical deeds I would only later appreciate. I cannot look with that same patriotic feeling upon this sin-wracked nation, which seems to me a different world. I feel as though I need not enumerate to you the sins of this different world, but it is, indeed, a different world.

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