Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama's Birth Certificate Questions: Town Hall Meeting

I am denied my right to drive unless I hand the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles my original birth certificate (copies not accepted), and it is verified to be actual. But, a Constitutionally mandated verification of qualification for the office of President of the United States requires no identifying papers at all!


I would like to note the number of months it has taken us to get this far in our quest to ascertain the location and condition of Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate, how easy it is to forge a document in such a length of time, and how much money and power he has. Just some observations.

I want my country back.


Johann Van De Leeuw said...

"I want my country back." No kidding. I'd like to opt out of Social Security, but nooo. "That's no no, little one. Government knows best! And don't worry about the President's supposed lack of a birth certificate - after all, you little people voted him in, so why are YOU worrying about it? Just trust your government!" So says the media.
To quote Doug Phillips, "The government is not our nanny!"
Keep it up Son3! I wish this issue had become prominent well BEFORE the election. Grrrrr.

Son3 said...

No kidding, Johann!

Oh, but this was an issue beforehand!

From about the time of his Democratic nomination, people have been asking about it.

Though, not to the same degree as today.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

"Oh, but this was an issue beforehand!" I mean I wish it had been adequately covered before the election, rather than after. And I did know about it before the election.
BTW, I like your fake birth certificate! I'll have to get one from Texas - that's where my sister was born. (Just kidding...! :))

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

My Grandfather fought in WWII. He risked his life flying B-17 bombers over Germany so that we could be free today, free from Nazi oppression! He did not fight so that some foreign born dictator masquerading as an American citizen/savior of the world could take control of my country like Hitler did in 1933!! He fought so that America would be free to fulfill their moral duty, not free to listen to some socialist bonehead make excuses about the absence of his birth certificate!!
Keep your powder dry, y'all!

Son3 said...

I see. Thanks for the comment!

And, respects to your grandfather for going through that vicious war; our sovereignty had to be maintained.

Son3 said...

Oh yeah, I can whip up a Texican certificate quicker... never mind.


Fortunate Son said...

why won't they just release it and settle the issue..I have heard that his grandmother and a Kenyan Lawmaker both state he was born in Kenya.. what a joke..Let's hope we survive these next 4 years.

Son3 said...

I know what you mean, FS!

I would believe he's a citizen right now if he'd shown his certificate four to six months ago, but I feel that anything he produces now could be forged.

Thanks for the comment!

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