Monday, July 06, 2009

A Couple of Interesting Flags

If you didn't already know, I have somewhat of an interest in flags, of all kinds, colors, and creeds, and I have had this interest for a good many years.

This style of flag was purportedly a "flag of peacetime" flown over non-Federally controlled government buildings in times long past, but there is little evidence of this being true. I stand neutral on this issue, and see it only as an interesting flag. A white canton instead of blue, and blue stars instead of white, and vertical stripes instead of horizontal are a radical departure from the almost-cliched look of the U.S. flag.

This is of lesser, historical controversy, as it is admittedly a new design, but it's still a conversation starter, as it displays the year 1787, the year our Constitution was signed. Three stripes, red, white, and blue, signify the connection our Federal government's flag.

There are more flags out there that aren't known to the general public; take the Gadsden Flag, for instance, as it only became popular again a few years ago, despite being over 200 years old!


Bryan said...

Dude... (we say that a lot out here in Southern California) but dude... "the almost-cliched look of the U.S. flag?" I disagree. Yes there are some great battle flags, protest flags and even state flags(Texas!). But as far as a symbol of freedom and liberty, Old Glory stands far above the rest. I too am partial to the Betsy Ross version. It represent an era and government I long for and pray for the eventual return of. A symbol of 'Old America'... not 'New America.'

Son3 said...

Yes, yes, yes, U.S. flag's design, especially the Betsy Ross version (though no evidence supports the idea that she actually designed it), is a symbol of freedom.

But (though I've flown them in the past), unless this nation's government shall have recovered from its current state of depravity, I shall never again privately fly the current, 50-starred U.S. flag.

The addition of the 50th star ushered in an era of accepted tyranny, with the exception of Reagan, and therefore, in my mind at least, I don't feel right in my heart flying it.

I'd feel like I'd be doing my country's founders a disservice.

The 13-starred flag is the one I take an exceptional liking to, as it represents the days of the Confederation, going into the days of the Constitution.

But, color me stubborn, I have a distaste for the 50-starred flag.

What I meant by "almost-cliched" was the fact that everyone flies it, but no one flies the "Civil Flag".

(Including myself, as I think the thing is kinda ugly, but interesting.)

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

We fly a 50 star U.S. flag. I agree with you though. We also have a Bonnie Blue Flag hanging in one of our windows, partially because my family used to live in Texas, and also because of the Southern State's Rights ideology of it. We'd fly a Dixie flag, but we have black neighbors who we doubt not would take offense, and...we live in Ohio. The nail that sticks itself up gets hammered down. I'd like to get a Gadsden flag.

Son3 said...

If you are looking to buy a Rattler Flag, go to

They have the best prices.

The connection between Dixie's flag and racism, however baseless or supposed it is, will forever taint that flag. Shame.

Maybe a Stars and Bars?

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Yeah. I'll have to find one, though it shouldn't be hard, being into reenacting like I am. And no, I don't in any way associate the Dixie flag with racism. I'm a good Confederate. :)

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