Friday, July 17, 2009

CNN has a Problem with Guns for Car Buyers


Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Wow! I know where I want to get a vehicle at! A lot of my ancestors came from Missouri.
"Including God in a motto with guns in it? Wouldn't that upset people?"
Boo hoo. Get a life Clinton News Network! And a brain!

Bryan said...

Jesus told his disciples to take a sword with them. If they didn't have a sword, to sell their coat and buy one. Why a sword, because they didn't have AK-47s yet. Personally I'd just rather have the discount on the car and stock up on ammo for the guns I already have. Don't need another caliber to worry about!

RightKlik said...

CNN is always opposed to liberty and in support of statism.

Son3 said...

Thanks for the comments, gentlemen!

Johann, you crack me up! What part of Missouri do your peeps come from? My family is mostly from the Kansas City area.

Bryan, not only did Jesus say that, but I think it is more convicting that He told men to provide for their families, and if one did not do so, he would be considered worse than an infidel.

RightKlik, that's a trend I've noticed, too! :)

I've seen a bit too much neo-conservatism from FOX to trust them much anymore either, but Statism is much more blatant in Eugenicist Ted Turner's little projects than anywhere else.

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