Saturday, June 06, 2009

Giving Back

This is a phrase heard quite often these days, mostly used by the Commies but ever increasingly used by Conservatives. It is so commonly heard that it is almost subconscious, like saying "thank you".

It is because it is used subconsciously by Conservatives that it is most dangerous.

You hear people say, "I've decided to give back to my community by...", but are they even hearing themselves?

Think about it, a person can "give back" something someone else gave to them, but what has a community given an individual? "Giving back" suggests that the individual owes his community.

This phrase follows the line of thought that "it takes a village to raise a child", a very Communistic point of view, and certainly something Americans should shy away from believing.

If it is the unchallenged opinion of a nation that it takes a village to raise a child, and that child must give back to the village if it succeeds, you have the perfect recipe for Communism to prosper in that nation. When it is the common opinion that one should "give back", especially when said in reference to any charitable activity, you are inevitably feeding the mentality of perpetual debt to others, especially the government, local, state, and national.

An individual owes nothing to his community, and anything he gives to that community is a one-way transaction, as the community did nothing to specifically cause that individual to succeed.

An individual does not owe, morally or otherwise, any portion of his time, money, or energy to his community.

What causes our Capitalist system to work at its finest is, of his own free will, an individual giving to people and organizations he favors, as that is the only "redistribution of wealth" that is moral and right.

"Giving back" is a silly and un-American term that should be purged from the American vocabulary.


RightKlik said...

The idea is that the community owns us and everything we have was given to us by our all-powerful and ever-merciful governmnet.

AdamS said...

The community gives you all of these free things, and you don't want to give something back? (never mind that everything 'free' is often paid for by the same people receiving these bounteous gifts, via taxes)

It's not communism in my opinion though, it's communitarianism ("the belief that individual rights must be balanced with duties to the community").

Communism is one part of a Hegelian dialectical process, with the end result being communitarianism.

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which includes such 'rights' as free education and a 'reasonable' standard of living, is essentially a communitarian manifesto.

Son3 said...

RightKlik, you got that right!

Adam S, Communitarianism is a much more accurate term, thank you for drawing my attention to it, as I've never even heard of it!

CarolineNot said...

Furthermore, please don't give back that burger you ate for dinner.

How'm I doing? Am I getting this political stuff right? Don't you love it when I drop by your blog? ºÜº

Son3 said...

Yes, you always have helpful insights into the world of politics, and are constantly adding meaningful information to the discussion...

Don't you have pictures to post on your blog or something?



CarolineNot said...


I offer you a photo of Falzof Hiz-Qamel al-Lot for use on your blog. See me, if you'd like access to its location. Begging might be in order.

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