Friday, May 08, 2009

Of States, of Tyrants, and of Banners

According to The American Vision, a man in Louisiana has been detained by police on the side of the road for displaying one of America's first flags on a bumper-sticker. He had to wait while they ran a background check on him to make sure he wasn't a member of an "extremist group".

It is apparent that displaying Rattler flags is now illegal in some states.

I'm glad. They just keep pushing it more and more, people are waking up to the massive amounts of treason and terror and treachery against us.

The line in the sand is now being drawn between the free, sovereign states and the enslaved, agent states with the issue of gun rights; Alaska, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah are all saying any firearms or ammunition made in their states are free from federal regulation.

If Kansas doesn't allow itself to join them, as we have a very dysfunctional legislature, I may join the influx of freedom-seeking peoples from all over the country that will undoubtedly be making the pilgrimage to the free states. I hope, though, that Kansas will not fail me.

But, will Obama allow these states to defy him? Will the Democrats or back-stabbing Republicans allow this either? Will the men who have invested their lives and fortunes into disarming this enslaved nation allow it, too?

Montana's law goes into effect in October; will we see something happen that may hinder the execution of such legislation -- say, Martial Law?

There would have to be a pretext for this, but it's easy enough to create a problem-reaction-solution. Eh, Obama?


AdamS said...

Sir, are you threatening the legitimate power monopoly of the state?

Someone call the DHS! :D

Son3 said...

Bitte, forgivinsie me for threatanizeten das Power-Haus!

Nicht callenzie das Storm-Troopers!
Heil Obama! ;)

It's fitting that they have a "power monopoly", because they're expecting us to use their Monopoly money!

Phelan said...

huh, I wonder what they would do with me, I have the Rattler for a tat.

~Kansas Prepper

Son3 said...

Well, I certainly hope they wouldn't confiscate it!


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