Thursday, May 28, 2009

EMTs Stopped and Assaulted for Failure to Yield to Highway Patrol

The man with the camera is the son of the woman in the ambulance; notice how it's the officer who tells the ambulance driver to "calm down" while choking him:

You know, I always considered emergency vehicles to be beyond traffic courtesy laws, especially in... an emergency!

"Failure to yield to a police officer" doesn't exactly seem to be the sort of thing over which one would stop an ambulance. In fact, I can't think of a single thing I would consider necessary to stop an ambulance. Nor can I find any possible law broken by an ambulance driver to warrant neck-wringing.

I have to feel sorry for the ambulance driver who was choked like that, but don't worry, the officer is under investigation. Of course, if there wasn't any video, who knows what kind of investigation there would be, and who knows what the cop would have said really happened?

I'm predicting, though I hope I'm wrong, the policeman will be found to have not done anything against policy. The local Chief of Police involved in the investigation didn't give me any hope to the contrary when he was qualifying his disapproval of the officer's actions with things like "from this camera view" and "from that perspective".

What do you need, an overhead shot in slow motion?

Were I at the scene of this insane incident, I don't think I would have tried to go over the officer's head, as I'm sure it's quite slippery up there.

(NOTICE: The officer in the above video shaves his head, which I'm sure he thinks makes him look tougher, though it actually makes him look shorter. Not that I have anything against people who shave their heads for legitimate reasons, such as for removal of lice or because their head is hot in the summer, though it is easier to get a sunburned head that way. But, if you're shaving your head to make yourself more intimidating, it obviously shows your lack of confidence in your own masculinity. If you're a woman and you shave your head, it shows you have an attention deficit disorder -- that is, you have a deficit in attention. The ambulance driver also shaves his head, which I find odd, since ambulance drivers have no reason to intimidate anyone, except perhaps Highway Patrolmen who feel their day in incomplete without flexing their muscles on innocent people's necks.)


NobodyofValue said...

I will say shaved head is more "tactical". If you keep short hair, then there is nothing for your opponent to grab onto while engaged in hand to hand combat. In policeman's case, a criminal. Grab someone's hair, you can manipulate them, obscure vision, and easily pick them apart. That said, some people DO shave their head to be tough, and for this ass, I bet it's a combination of both. I just posted on this topic as well, and agree with you. Just sayin some of us shaved head guys have a reason, and I am sure some cops follow that mentality.

Son3 said...

Okay, I gotcha.

If you're planning on being in a hostile environment, that would be a good reason, such as for the military.

But, this does go with the trend to militarize the police.

Anyway, thanks for the input, I hadn't considered that angle.

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