Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bitten by the Tag Bug

I've been tagged by Mike to list ten of my New Year's resolutions.

While my family and I really don't do New Year's resolutions per se, there are many things that I plan to accomplish in 2009:

1. Cultivate the far field in corn. (Sweet and field varieties.)

2. Force the local gun shop to start selling #11 percussion caps. (The one shop in town doesn't even have them!)

3. End Illegal Immigration. (OK, that one doesn't count.)

3. Clear out the underbrush and overhang in Cedar Trail.

4. Bite the proverbial bullet and get my Kansas Hunter Indoctri...er...Education Card.

5. Get my DL.

6. Fix the fence on the back goat pasture so they'll STOP GETTING OUT!!!! (Sorry.)

7. Buy a new Gadsden Flag, because my old one is torn beyond further repair.

8. Buy an Apache helicopter with complete armaments. (Okay, I'll keep it legal...)

8. Buy an Apache helicopter with semi-automatic armaments.

9. Cut Pork-Barrel spending. (Now I'm just being silly.)

10. Think of more things to do, because I'm really drawing a blank.

I tag CarolineNot and RGM.


RGM said...

Sorry, I was working alot of extra hours at the ranch this past week or so, so I didn't see you had "tagged" the Southron Nationalist.
I reckon I'm a little bit late to post though, sorry about that :).

Son3 said...

No big deal! Don't worry about it.


Bria said...

Very interesting!

I am laughing about number six! I know how you feel! My grandfather owns a huge goat heard of fourty head, plus eight other horses and they both like to damage the fences we put hard labor into! We live on his property so guess who gets to round all those animals up? ME!

It's a joy to work though. After all, God made us to work. And I wouldn't trade country life for the whole united states!

Son3 said...


Nor would I trade it; I've lived in the city for a years at a time in several states, but I've never been more free than here in rural Kansas, the land my ancestors settled a hundred years before.

To be able to live your life without fear of breaking minor ordinances or policies that come with life within city limits, is true freedom.

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