Monday, November 24, 2008

Media Ignorance

Having seen all the stories that the mainstream media has reported about suicides, bombings, and the latest celebrity "news", am I alone in my disgust that they haven't mentioned the Berg v. Obama case?

Is it too boring to discuss the fact that Obama's qualifications for the highest office in the land are being challenged by an attorney? Is it too trivial to note that the case is going to be heard by the Supreme Court? Is it so mundane that it doesn't even bear mention?

I found this video which fully explains the case.

This should be international mainstream headline news, yet there is complete silence. Why?

(Notice: The above video was made before the elections. Forgive the horribly secular music; I don't like it either.)


RGM said...

Why? Because the media publicizes only that which it wants We the Sheeple to know.

Son3 said...

Yes, but who decides what to hold back? What is their motivation?

I'm honestly disgusted.

This is why I usually read alternative news.

You have to take everything with a grain of salt, but at least they report what the mass media won't.

Stephen Boyd said...

Hey man! Long time no comment, sorry about that!

This is really interesting, but here's a question for you:
Since the Constitution is null and void, due to the fact that one party(the government) has not held up their part of the covenant, why do we continue to hold them and ourselves to that standard?

Keep it up!

Son3 said...

Hey, good to see you here again!

Good question.

I see the U.S. Constitution as the standard for government and political policies just as I see the Bible as the standard for Christianity.

We could always separate from the status quo on an individual, familial, or regional level (such as was done in the 1860's), but if we give up the Constitution, we have no legal standing.

True, we can always make up another set of laws that say the exact same thing as the last, but what would be the point?

The Constitution is the only thing we have, so to give it up now would be unrealistic and defeatist.

We MUST continue to hound the government and its officials to follow the Constitution, or else we have nothing.

I will preserve the integrity of the Constitution as long as I am able. And I do mean with downright force.

The Constitution does not give me my rights, rather it guarantees them.

My God has granted me the gift of being an American, where I am legally able to keep my rights; if the government attempts to remove those rights, I am obliged to protect them.

I shall consider myself blessed if I die an old, free man in my bed.

I shall consider myself chosen if I die a young, free man.

If the government, by edict, eliminates the Constitution, I shall still follow it.

I will never follow any other law.

The Bible says that we are to be subject unto the higher powers; the Constitution is just that.

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