Friday, October 24, 2008

What Should It Be Called?

Everybody in America knows what "the Civil War" is, but the strange thing is that it was anything but a "civil war".

A "civil war" is best defined as two or more factions competing for control of a common political center; the war that took place in the 1860's did not fit this definition.

A term synonymous with the Civil War is the "War of Northern Aggression"; while there is no apparent bias with this appellation (!?!), our friends in the North find this term a bit one-sided.

"War Between the States"

I find fault with this term, as it is somewhat confusing and incorrect. (The United States of America was at war with The Confederate States of America, but Maine wasn't at war with Virginia.)

"War of the Rebellion"

I disagree with this one, also. The Confederacy wasn't in "rebellion" against anything; it was, and is, perfectly legal and moral for any state to secede from the Union.

"Second American Revolution"

Again, there was no revolt. Contrast this to the actual Revolutionary War, where there was a revolt against the controlling government by the subservient colonies.

"War of the Insurrection"; "Slaveholders War"; "Great Rebellion"; "War to Save the Union"

1. There wasn't an "insurrection"; 2. the war had less to do with slavery than any other cause; 3. there was no "rebellion"; 4. "What a noble title!" Oh, brother!

There are a few more obscure titles for "The War", but what I want is a clear, precise, succinct term for it.

Therefore, I shall be starting yet another poll for you, the reader, to decide what the unfortunate events of the 1860's shall be referred to on this blog.

I will be adding the poll at a later time, so if you have any suggestions, comment them; submit as many as you like.


Stephen Boyd said...

I am training myself to refer to it as the War for Southern Independence. I feel it is the most accurate description, since the South was attempting to gain independence from the North.

Son3 said...

That's a good one!

Benjamin9 said...

The 2nd War for American Independence.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Stephen. Me and my family refer to it as the "War for Southern Independence." It surely was NOT a "civil war."
Here's something on a lighter note: My 6 year old brother tells everyone that it was the War for Southern Independence, and gets puzzled looks from many people. He probably knows the truth about that war and its history more than many adults do. But, of course, that comes from a good upbringing. In my opinion, everyone should homeschool!

Jess said...

Yep. I like War for Southern Independence.

Once at a reenactment I was talking to a man who said his teacher would whip any of her students who called it "The Civil War".

Son3 said...


It'll be on the list! Thanks.

Son3 said...

Johnny Reb,

Thanks for the comment.

Hats off to you and yours; we need more Americans like you.

Son3 said...


Thanks for the comment!

I'm guessing the man you talked to went to school in the South. (But, that's just a guess on my part.)

I'll have the poll up by tonight, but I think I'm already beginning to see a voting trend...

Jess said...

Yes. He was born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina. He went to an old, one-room school house.

Son3 said...

Hmm! I imagine he was a reenactor of the... "un"Civil War?

The nearest town to us used to do reenactments every Veteran's Day, but they were always of WWII.

They stopped a few years ago when a fire broke out on the field.

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