Sunday, October 19, 2008

On the Goat Front...

With the turn in the weather, it has become necessary to start feeding alfalfa hay to our goats.

This particular kind of hay is full of crumbled up bits of dry alfalfa that like to catch in the early morning breeze and fly into my face! It's not a nice sensation to be digging alfalfa out of my ears all day, so that's one drawback.

We have two pastures that are separated by a single stretch of fence, one being larger than the other. After spending weeks repairing and re-repairing fences, we now have them confined to the smaller pasture... at least for now.

One good thing: they've stopped getting their heads caught in the fences! (Their horns act as catches, keeping them from pulling their heads out of the square mesh fencing.)

They like to stick their heads out to get at the grass just outside of the fence.
(That's one place we don't have to mow.)

Pictures of the little boogers can be found at the link to the right: "NottaLotta Acres".


Stephen Boyd said...

Hmmmm.....very interesting. Everyone I know who has ever owned goats, is always telling me how impossible it is to keep them in a pen. That's why we've never tried them.

I hate we're so outta touch! I'll try and shoot ya an email later on this week....been REALLY hectic around our place.

Son3 said...

Thanks! We had a running joke around here: every time we'd round up the herd after an escape, one of us would say, "They won't get out THIS time!" (They'd be out the next morning.)

We've been a little "exploded" around here, ourselves!

I suppose it's mostly because of the change in the weather and all the extra chores and projects that autumn brings. (Wood, hay, feed, etc.)

Talk to you soon!

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