Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Greatest American Politican

Please excuse my lack of posting, but I have been stricken by a Third World plague.
Having been wallowing in freakish misery for the past couple of days, I have neither hunted nor blogged. I have discovered that my winged adversaries (read: doves) have taken advantage of my absence, and have made the telephone wire outside of my house a rest stop. I’m glad they’ve had time to fatten! Anyway...

Due to a recent discussion between Stephen Boyd and myself, I shall endeavor to create a list of the greatest American politicians during the founding of the U.S., to be chosen by you.

I am compiling the names of the United States’ founders, and will be polling my readers accordingly.

The list will be based on political stance, as well as over all achievement.
This task will last well into next month, so please bear with me on my undertaking.

The poll will have you select one of the Founding Fathers based on their respective stance on the currently stated issue. The issue will be changed every week.

The order of issues will be:
1. Stance on the 2nd Amendment;
2. Philosophy of Government;
3. Religion or morals;
4. Best quote.

So begins the undertaking!

(Notice: I will be very put out with people that vote more than once!)


Stephen Boyd said...

Great idea!

I would recommend a discussion of your last poll....I have a bone to pick with those that said it should be the state's prerogative.

I voted for Patrick Henry...after all, he wrote the Second Amendment.

Son3 said...

Thank you, Stephen!

I wondered who could have possibly voted for Patrick Henry...

~CarolineNot said...

Too funny, Stephen, because you may be pickin' that bone with the mama-figger. I'm pretty sure I poked that states decide hole once, but I don't even know if the vote registered, since the poll may pick up and limit location voting. Neither would my piggledy reason for poking it be of import, for I remember what was in my mind at the time, and it had nothing to do with lofty, informed reasoning. ºÜº In fact, it might have been a better fit to a comedy routine.

Of course, I'll just sit here and watch (lips sealed) as y'all discuss it. Ya might learn me somethin'.

Son3 said...

My own mother...
*banging head on table*

~CarolineNot said...

Need a cold cloth? Bandaid? Apple dumplings?

*hanging head and scuffing toe in dirt*

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