Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rights Not Enumerated III

I stood in line at the Sporting Goods counter at Wal*Mart again, this time for the final scrap of paper that allows me to hunt. The clerk was about twenty years old, probably a college student.

My Dad went too; he needed a Hunting License and HIP Stamp, while I only needed the stamp.

The clerk first asked Dad for his ID, then began the mandatory interrogation:

"How many geese did you shoot last year?"
"Any ducks?"
"Sandhill Cranes?"

The clerk then handed him his new papers, and turned to me to ask for my ID.
I gave him my Apprentice License, and he proceeded to ask me the same questions as before, but he stopped himself when he saw my eyes glaze over.

"I'm required to ask you the same questions."
"Well, I didn't shoot anything last year. I did even worse than he did!"
At that he quipped, "So, they shot back at you, huh?"

He finally gave me my little card, so now I'm done with it...until I go for my deer tag in a few weeks, and then my Hunter Education Card either next month or this time next year!

Anyway, Monday begins the great dove hunting season, and I'm sure to drop a few. Many people would say "harvest a few", but I don't have to be PC on my own blog.

I may post a video of my hunting adventures...we'll see.


Stephen Boyd said...

Those losers!
I noticed that they only asked you what types of animals you SHOT. Does that mean you don't have to declare the ones you: gased, blew up, strangled, ran over, etc.?


Son3 said...

Ha! Good point!

Just a slight commented update to this article: My younger brother, Maverick, has kindly consented to video my next dove hunting expedition. Expect a video this evening!

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